January 2009 - The golden Hat Theatre tour in Portugal, organized by Creative Way Europe, with the show BROADWAY STATION.

November 2009 to Aprill 2010- The Golden Hat Theatre tour in Spain with the show DICKENS´STORIES,organized by Transeduca.

November 2010 to june 2011 - The Golden Hat Theatre is touring in Spain with the shows GULLIVER IN LILIPUT and NUMBERS, COLORS AND SONGS, both organized by EINA D´ ESCOLA Y ESCENARIOS EDUCATIVOS.

November 2011 to June 2012 - We are tooring in Spain with the shows CRAZY BOOK Y ME, FAMILY AND FRIENDS, organized by Eina d'Escola and Escenarios Educativos.

August 2012 -We will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the shows DICKENS´STORIES, CRAZY BOOK Y NUMBERS, COLORS AND SONGS, organized  by Blue Art.